Marketing a restaurant in today’s competitive environment requires accurate, reliable and comprehensive customer data. Meanwhile it’s a very essential components of your restaurant’s success. It’s also essential both for retaining current customers and maintaining healthy long-term growth.

12 creative restaurant marketing strategies for increasing revenue

In this article, we will be giving you a well designed approach on how to market your restaurant.


1. Paid Social Media Advertising

Social Media is the voice of your brand. It is an engagement machine where you can build great content – to increase.

Paid advertising works fairly simply; if you invest ‘x’ amount in the marketing you will get ‘y’ amount in terms of returns. For instance, when you create a Facebook ad, you expect an increase in sales for that week.

Creatives and Templates – Be sure to use visually stunning social media creatives to entice your audience into action. You could make use of attractive social ,media templates and flyers to make your restaurant stand out.

Social media platforms you could use for business includes;


2. Include mobile ordering and delivery

The process consists of a customer choosing the restaurant of their choice, scanning the menu items, choosing an item, and finally choosing for pick-up or delivery. Payment is then administered by paying with a credit card or debit card through the app or website or in cash at the restaurant when going to pickup. Customers who have ordered online have been shown to visit a restaurant more frequently than customers who haven’t, and restaurants are benefiting from the visibility of being promoted on delivery apps and websites.

There are three main ways you can set up a restaurant online ordering system:

  1. Use your own website, using a website builder or WordPress to process orders.
  2. Use a third party online ordering app, such as Uber Eats.
  3. Use a third party online ordering app combined with a POS system, such as CAKE.


3. Restaurant Loyalty and Affiliate Programs

Having a loyalty program is a great way to increase your sales. One way to start customers in your loyalty program is to obtain customer emails.

Partnering up with online food apps should definitely be a consideration as part of your restaurant marketing plan. Partnering with online apps encourages visitors to check out your restaurant through gamification and customer loyalty programs which offer visitors a free purchase or discount for visiting a certain number of times.

Also affiliate programs could be very handy in boosting your audience. You just have to pay your customers to invite their friends to your restaurant’s website or app. It serves a great deal too.


4. Work with Influencers