Apps for Restaurant Ordering

A Restaurant Ordering App allows you to serve customers, effectively, safely and remotely, whilst improving your customer experience. You stay on top of the minds of your customers by giving a smart food ordering choice and also accept payments.

In today’s fast past, ultra-competitive world, every second counts.

This is why it’s so important you capture your potential customers right where they are, and that is usually on their mobile phones.

In this article, we look at online ordering apps your customers will love. We think you’ll love them, too, as they provide your customers instant access to your menu.

Online ordering apps can integrate with your website as well, making your entire online ordering strategy work together.

Ok, let’s look at online ordering apps your customers will love.


two smartphones with swiggy app opened

1. Swiggy

Swiggy is the best-in-class food ordering app today. With interactive UI/UX and simple call to actions, Swiggy is gaining popularity among all age groups. The fast delivery, live order tracking, and the fact that there is no minimum order have made swiggy favourite among the working-class millennials. Also, it is appreciated that Swiggy is available in almost all cities in India. The offers and discounts the app offers, and the number of restaurants to choose from are some other factors making swiggy popular. Swiggy can be downloaded from the play store, and both iOS and Android versions are available for free. Different payment methods, including COD and online payment using debit and credit cards, are integrated for user’s convenience. The thought the makers have put into developing the app is much appreciated as it serves the purpose well.


a mobile phone with uber eats mobile app opened

2. UberEats

When the cab giant wanted to take a look into the food delivery service, UberEats was invented. This app allows you to search for food – category, location, or restaurant wise. Booking food is made easy through three easy steps. Browse, Order, and Track. UberEats also offers live order tracking and multiple payment options for the users. Contacting the delivery agent is also possible with this app.




a smartphone with foodpanda app opened in its screen

3. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the pioneers of the online food delivery industry. The app has all your favourite food destinations and cuisines. Foodpanda is user-friendly and quick to order app. The steps to complete your order are convenient and super fast. Foodpanda is spread over a large part of India and acts as hunger saviours for many who are for some or the other reason searching for food online. Quick order delivery, exclusive deals, discounts, vouchers, and discounts throughout the year are other features of Foodpanda that attract the users.


a smartphone with zomato app is opened

4. Zomato

Zomato is one of the largest food aggregators in the world. Launched in Delhi and now present in 24 countries, Zomato continues to deliver better food for more people. The app provides a quality platform for foodies to order the food they love the way they like it. Hygiene and quality standards are held high by the app. Both iOS and Android versions are available in app stores. The user can choose from a variety of restaurants and dishes to quench their hunger anytime.


a smartphone with faasos app is opened

5. Faasos

Faasos exists to answer the most asked question of the era. What’s for food? With a wide range of restaurants, Faasos helps its users to eat good and eat exciting. Faasos is available in over 15 cities in India, serving a variety of delicacies for foodies all over. Faasos has a premium version called bolt in which if the order is not delivered within 30 minutes, the order is free. The app also provides many offers and discounts and multiple payment options.


a mobile phone with dunzo mobile app opened

7. Dunzo

Dunzo is an app that delivers food, groceries, or pet supplies for you. The app works 24*7 and delivers anything to you in 45 minutes. No minimum order quantity, no location constraints within the city, multiple payment methods, offers, and discounts are some of the features that make Dunzo stand out in the industry. The user can order anything they need from their favourite restaurant in the city.


a smartphone with grubhub app opened

8. Grubhub

GrubHub is a customers favourite.

GrubHub “learns” what its customers like to eat and even makes suggestions to help them find food. Your customers can search by area, restaurant name, menu item and cuisine.

This service lets your customers place online orders, free of charge. They also showcase reviews, coupons and deals in addition to offering customer service to diners.

You can accept mobile orders from the GrubHub website, and you can also accept them through your own website and app.

GrubHub then charges you based on the amount of business they get for your restaurant.

a smartphone which is opened seamless app on it's screen

9. Seamless

Another app your customers will love is Seamless.

Why? They’ll love it for its search capabilities. Consider the weekend you’re visiting New York City, and you’re looking for a place to eat. Your search will pull up more than 6,000 restaurants.

Your customers can search by ratings, price, distance, fees, delivery minimums, specials and cuisine. They can also search multiple choices at the same time.


two smartphones opened domino's food delivery app

10. Domino’s

Piping hot pizza at your doorstep. Domino’s app has a pizza for every occasion. Your app allows you to customize the order. The pizza delicacies are unimaginable and finger-licking good. That cheesy crust will melt your heart if you can have it in the comfort of your home. The app promises a 30 minute delivery time. Another attraction is that you can have a pizza even while on a train. Order your favourite pizza from the nearest domino’s outlet, and you will be received by the delivery agent at the next station. They’ve taken it to the next level.



There is an app for everything these days. Taxi booking app, food ordering app, laundry app, sports app, and the list goes on. Creating a mobile application for your business has become a crucial step as mobile is gaining much importance these days.

Mobile ordering is skyrocketing, and your customers are demanding it.

Isn’t it time you added value to your restaurant by making ordering easy and intuitive for your customers?

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